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Vulcan Industrial Line

construction workerThe eco-friendly anti-scale system for industrial applications

Industrial applications goes through a large quantity of water on a daily basis. The Vulcan-Impulse-Technology treats the water with special electronic impulses that take away the adhesive power of the scale. Scale is simply washed away with the water as a fine powder. Vulcan provides a salt-free and chemical-free solution for all types of scale-related problems in many industrial applications.

The Industrial Line units treat pipe diameters up to 40″ and have been designed to provide solutions for all kind of industries. The customized adjustment to the pipe diameter and pipe material is based on 10 different system-integrated programs.

Vulcan 5000
Industrial Areas
Cooling Towers Heat Exchangers
Aluminium Industry Big Buildings
Chemical Manufacturing Car Industry
Injection Moulding Textile Industry
Lumber Industry Printing Industry
Rubber Production Hospitals
Food Production Refineries
Waster Water Treatment many more...
cooling tower Cooling Towers

As scale does not evaporate with water, it quickly accumulates in the towers and clogs up the system. This causes malfunctioning and high expenses for maintenance. Vulcan achieves a significant reduction of scale deposits. Bleed water is no longer toxic and bacterial contamination is minimized. In addition, with Vulcan, the cooling tower can be operated at higher cycles of scale concentration, minimizing water usage.

sprinkler Agriculture: Plants, Livestock, Machinery

Vulcan keeps pipes free of scale deposits, protects fine nozzles used for irrigation, and keeps the natural mineral-rich composition of the water. It reduces or eliminates bacterial growth. Vulcan also has a positive effect on water for lifestock and plants as they will absorb and process the water better.

condominiums Heat Exchangers

When water is heated with oil, gas, electric or solar heating technologies scale settles on the heating elements and heat exchangers. The loss of energy due to the less efficient or blocked heat transfer is tremendous and the heat transmission coefficient decreases. Vulcan helps to reduce the scaling, and water tanks in the primary and secondary circuit will need less cleaning. The frequency of cleaning periods can be extended.

hospital Hospitals & Large Buildings

Hospitals and large buildings use a large quantity of water on a daily basis. Traditional salt-based water softeners produce sodium-rich water which is not recommended for elderly guests and patients. Vulcan protects the piping system and appliances while keeping the original, healthy composition of the water.

Vulcan treats many more applications. Please contact us for more information on your application.

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Vulcan Benefits

  • Increase of productivity
  • Installation without interruption
  • More reliable water supply
  • Reduction of maintenance
  • Fast amortization of acquisition costs
  • Easier cleaning of cooling towers
  • Reduction of chemicals
  • Extended cleaning intervals