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Vulcan Residential Line

familyThe eco-friendly anti-scale system for private houses and villas

Water is a valuable resource. However, hard water contains dissolved scale which will eventually build deposits in your pipes and appliances. Every house owner should use an eco-friendly water treatment system in order to ensure their home is protected against scale and rust. This preserves the value of your home today and for the next generation to come.
Vulcan is maintenance-free and does not change the water composition. It leaves calcium and magnesium in the water which are important minerals for the body. The Vulcan Residential Line units have been designed to protect the piping system in private houses, small swimming pools and small equipment.

Vulcan 5000
Residential Areas
Houses Apartments
Bungalows Swimming Pools
Jacuzzis Small Machinery
Irrigation Systems Garden Sprinklers
Drinking Water many more...
private home Houses & Buildings:

The piping system, water heaters, washing machines and other appliances are protected.

Water Heaters & Heat Exchangers:

Vulcan controls scale build-up in water heaters in your home and reduces their maintenance.

pool Pools & Jacuzzis:

Vulcan protects the equipment and pipes against harmful deposits. You can cut down on chlorine use and many other additives.

Solar water heater:

Vulcan reduces scale build-up in collectors, it protects hot water tanks and vacuum tubes, and keeps the system from over-heating.